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Afdent Dental Implant Options

Missing teeth is a common condition, whether from trauma or decay, but at Afdent we combine dental implants with 3D imaging technology to offer many options for the way missing teeth are treated.

The success of dental implant treatment is reliant on placing the anchor portion of the implant in the proper spot. Our cone beam technology gives us a three dimensional view of your mouth, ensuring the best implant placement possible. Combined with our doctors’ skill and experience, this technology results in a permanent tooth replacement solution meant to replicate natural teeth.

Learn more about our dental implant solutions below, or call 260-482-8386 today to schedule your free consultation and find out which option is best for you.

Single Tooth Implant

  • Can be used to anchor a single tooth in one or multiple areas of your mouth by placing a titanium post in the jawbone

Multi-Tooth Implant

  • Multiple teeth can be retained in the mouth by a single post placed in the jawbone
  • Can also be called “implant retained bridgework”
  • Options include teeth with or without gums

Denture with Implants

  • For long-term denture stability, implants are used to attach the denture to titanium posts placed in the jawbone
  • Other options involve a “palateless” design where there is no “roof” to the denture

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Dr. David Allen

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