Choosing Your Partial Dentures

Are you struggling with multiple missing teeth, unable to chew or speak like you once could? Dentures are a time-proven way to help restore your mouth to health, regain function, and rebuild confidence in your smile. Partial dentures could be a great option for you.

A partial denture is a removable, natural-looking way to restore the form and function of your jaw by replacing missing teeth. If you are in need of partial dentures, it is important to understand your options. There are a few different types of partial dentures to choose from.

Acrylic Partial Dentures

Acrylic Partial Dentures are a great solution when the condition of your mouth is still changing. They are designed to be able to be modified if more teeth need to be replaced. Acrylic partial dentures are custom designed using an impression of your mouth, with flexible wire clasps to secure your teeth for added stability. They give you natural looking teeth and gums, with teeth available in over 30 different shapes and styles. Acrylic partial dentures are easily repaired if broken and can add more teeth if needed.

Cast Partial Dentures

Cast Partial Dentures provide extra strength and durability for the remaining teeth in your mouth. The metal frame and clasp secure your healthy teeth for support and maximum stability. They are custom designed using an impression of your mouth to give you natural looking teeth and gums. While cast partial dentures provide more stability for your teeth, they are more costly and time-consuming than acrylic partial dentures.

Flexible Partial Dentures

Flexible Partial Dentures are made of 99% nylon so they do not require a metal clasp. Flexible partial dentures are extremely lightweight and ultra-impact resistant. They are made using a custom designed impression of your mouth that secures to your teeth for added durability, and natural gums and appearance. While more expensive than acrylic partial dentures and cast partial dentures, they provide the most discreet, comfortable fit for most patients.

Which Dentures Should You Choose?

Every patient is unique, and the solution for their dentures will vary on a case by case basis. The dental healthcare professionals at Afdent will help you discover which partial denture solution is right for you. Afdent offers our Afdent Dental Package on acrylic partial dentures, cast partial dentures, and flexible partial dentures. It includes free repairs for 1 year, free adjustments for life, same day repairs and relines, and more. For more information on the types of partial dentures and which plan is right for you, contact Afdent Patient Family Dentistry today.

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