After summer vacation, parents and children alike are filled with excitement as another school year approaches. Kids are most excited about getting new shoes, bags, and lunch boxes. Meanwhile, parents just seem to be happy about the fact that their babies are growing up and will start to learn new things.

However, apart from making sure that they are well-prepared for the coming school year, parents also have to ensure that they maintain good oral health. Here are some ways that parents can take care of their children’s dental hygiene this back-to-school season.

Lead by Example

More often than not, children follow the actions of their parents. So, if a child sees that their parents are keen on brushing and flossing, it won’t be that surprising if they follow suit.

Tip: Make brushing and flossing a family routine. At least 30 minutes after meals, families can gather around the sink and brush their teeth together. By practicing this regularly, the child will be more eager to brush their teeth because they aren’t doing it alone. Plus, it can turn out to be a good bonding experience for the whole family.

Let Them Choose

By the time they enter preschool or primary school, most children already know what color they like the most or who their favorite cartoon characters are. Parents should take note of this when shopping for their child’s toothbrush or better yet, let them choose. This way, they’ll be more excited to brush their teeth using a toothbrush they really like.

Tip: When it’s time to brush their teeth, let them put the toothpaste on their toothbrush, but make sure to guide them so that they won’t use too much. This will help them feel more responsible for brushing their teeth.

Pack Teeth-Friendly Lunches

All of those good dental habits can go to waste if children continuously eat candies and drink sugary juices for their school lunch. They naturally have weaker tooth enamel than adults, so parents must watch what they’re eating. It’s best to pack protein-rich foods, fruits, vegetables, and cheese. For the drink, milk is a good option since it’s rich in calcium, which can help strengthen teeth.

Tip: It won’t hurt to educate them early on about how consuming too sweet foods can damage their teeth. Parents can also tell them to kindly say no when another kid offers them candies at school.

Visit Afdent Patient Friendly Dentistry

To ensure the overall dental health of your child as they begin another school year, take them to regular checkups. At Afdent Patient Friendly Dentistry, we can take care of your family’s oral hygiene. We provide affordable dental services, such as teeth cleaning, wisdom teeth removal, full mouth extractions, and more. You may visit us at our office in Mishawaka or Fort Wayne, IN.

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