The term “root canal” can conjures up the image of an extreme dental procedure, often accompanied by dread and anxiety. But until you need one, most people may not understand exactly what is involved.

If you have dental pain in Mishawaka and Fort Wayne, IN, you may be worried that you might need a root canal. If so, then we have good news: modern root canal therapy is not only effective, but gentle as well. In fact, root canal treatment can provide relief to a person suffering from terrible dental pain without removing the aching tooth.

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But what exactly is it, who needs it, and how can it be a better alternative to a tooth extraction? Here’s everything you need to know about the procedure.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?
Endodontic therapy, or root canal treatment, is a dental procedure that involves removing inflamed, infected, or dead soft tissue inside the tooth, called the pulp. This tissue contains blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. A tooth can survive without the pulp, since those pearly whites will still receive nourishment through the surrounding tissues.

Who Needs Root Canal Treatment?
If you have developed an infection inside your tooth, this can create inflammation and pain. Your tooth may also hurt when you bite down.

Often, decay is a silent and symptom-free condition until it is well advanced and affects the nerve of your tooth. Once decay reaches your nerve, your body will likely alert you with pain, throbbing, and swelling.

A damaged tooth, such as from an accident, can also trigger inflammation and pain. Your tooth may even appear discolored from the blow, like a bruise. Repetitive action like grinding your teeth at night or having a bite that does not come together properly can also result in the need for root canal treatment and possibly an adjustment to your bite, as well.

What Happens in a Root Canal Treatment?
Before the actual treatment, an Afdent assistant will take an x-ray of your teeth to determine how severe your condition is. Once it’s confirmed that your tooth can be saved, the dentist will administer local anesthesia to the area of focus.

After that, we will create a hole in the tooth to access and remove the pulp. We will clean and disinfect the cavity made in the tooth and then seal the hole, similar to a filling.

Turn to Afdent Patient Friendly Dentistry

At Afdent Patient Friendly Dentistry, we help put an end to your dental pain in Mishawaka, and Fort Wayne, IN. We offer affordable dental services such as root canal therapy, tooth extraction, and more. We also have dental implants, dentures, and Invisalign at our Mishawaka, and Fort Wayne, IN offices. Give us a call to schedule a consultation.

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