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Patient Friendly Dentures

When you visit Afdent for dentures, you are visting Fort Wayne’s Most Referred Dental Provider for over 30 years. In other words, you are in expert hands.

Complete Dentures

  • If all of your teeth are missing or need to be removed, Afdent Fresh Start Dentures are often the best option for giving you back the ability to enjoy food and a healthy looking appearance.
Complete Dentures

Partial Dentures

  • When multiple teeth are missing but some natural healthy teeth remain, Afdent Partial Dentures are a popular solution and are available in different materials based on your needs.
Partial Dentures

Dental Implants

  • Missing teeth is a common condition, whether from trauma or decay, but we combine dental implants, 3D imaging, and expert skill in offering many advanced treatment options.
Dental Implants

Afdent Fort Wayne Founder

Dr. David Allen

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