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All are welcome to experience Patient Friendly Dentistry® at Afdent,
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Are you looking for a dentist in Michiana or the surrounding areas? Please, look no further than Afdent. We have been serving the dental needs of the entire Michiana community for over 35 years with “Patient Friendly Dentistry.” We work extremely hard to give you the very best dental experience every time you visit us by being the friendliest, most knowledgeable, most versatile team of doctors and staff, and by providing you ALL dental services in one convenient location – the Afdent Center for Family Dentistry only on Douglas Rd. in Mishawaka.

We want to fit into your busy schedule and we want to limit your out-of-pocket expense, which is why we offer multiple financing options including 0% APR for those qualifying and Afdent Advantage Payment Plans for all credit histories (no credit check required).

The truth is, there is a difference in dentists. When it comes to a comparison of family dental practices, Afdent is decidedly different. Our aim is to provide a positive, caring, and informative dental appointment, and to create the best experience possible for our patient.

For over 35 years, Afdent has been known as “Michiana’s Dentist.” Our doctors are a team of the highest caliber dental professionals, recruited from around the nation by our founder, Dr. Roger Pecina.

Appointments are available everyday during the week. Emergencies are seen on a walk-in basis, and no charge/no obligation initial consultations are available for denture and cosmetic patients. We accept almost all dental insurance, and payment arrangements are available via third party providers with a credit check and Afdent financing for those with less than perfect credit.

People of all ages, incomes, and backgrounds are welcome at Afdent, and new patients are always accepted. Afdent provides all dental services in one convenient state-of-the-art location, at the Afdent Center for Family Dentistry on Douglas Rd. in Mishawaka.

  • Summary:
  • “MIchiana’s Dentists” for over 35 Years
  • New patients always welcome
  • All services available
  • 0% APR financing for those qualifying
  • Afdent Advantage Financing (no credit check)

Special Offers

  • Crest At-Home Whitening Strips.

    Try our professional Crest At-Home Whitening Strips. They are 80% stronger than any store brand and can be purchased at our office for only $65 dollars!

  • FREE Cleanings! Only at Afdent.

    Afdent takes Patient Friendly Dentistry® to a whole new level. Ask an Afdent team member for further details.

  • 0% Interest For 12 Months. Look And Feel Better Today.

    Subject to credit approval by Care Credit Financing. “Afdent Advantage” payment plans are available with a small down payments and NO CREDIT CHECK.