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Oral Surgery

From wisdom tooth removal to dental implants. We have the solutions for you.

Oral Surgery

From wisdom tooth removal to dental implants, we have the solution for you.

For Your Oral Surgery Needs

At Afdent Patient Friendly Dentistry, we have doctors and dental professionals who are skilled in providing the utmost care and comfort for our patients. Our dentists and orthodontists see thousands of patients every year for all types of oral surgery procedures such as wisdom tooth removal, root canal, and more.

Always Here to Help

Our care for our patients doesn’t start and end with the oral surgery itself. You can count on us to answer any questions you may have during your initial consultation until your recovery process. We also offer convenient payment options and accept most dental insurance so your oral surgery in Fort Wayne and Mishawaka, IN won’t burn a hole in your pocket. For more information, you may speak with one of our finance or insurance specialists today.

Oral Surgery Options

Our oral surgeon can perform the following dental procedures:

  • Full Mouth Extractions
    • This procedure is usually done to make room for a full dental implant or full dentures.
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal
    • This procedure is done to remove impacted wisdom teeth or to remove wisdom teeth that are causing damage to other teeth.
  • Sinus Lift
    • This procedure is needed by people who want dental implants but don’t have enough bone structure to support them.
  • Root Canal
    • This is a treatment used to save a tooth (if it is still savable) that is infected or decaying.
  • Bone Grafting
    • This is a procedure done to replace dental bone loss.
  • Dental Implants
    • This is a permanent solution that can replace either a single tooth, multiple teeth, or a full set of teeth.
  • Tooth Removal
    • This procedure is done to usually remove an infected or decayed tooth that cannot be saved through root canal treatment. It can also be done to make more room for other orthodontic treatments like braces.
  • Alveoplasty
    • This procedure is performed to smoothen or reshape the jawbone where a tooth has been extracted.
  • Crown Lengthening
    • This procedure reduces excess gum tissue and bone to expose the natural crown of the teeth.

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