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Transform Your Smile: Afdent Dental Reviews  Unmatched Dental Care Excellence

In the world of dental care, Afdent Dental stands tall as a beacon of unmatched service and exceptional results. But don’t take our word for it; hear from some of our satisfied patients who have experienced the Afdent Dental difference.

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What our patients are saying

Testimonial Mishawaka – Hailee

“Everyone was polite, friendly and helpful. I will absolutely refer everyone I know to Afdent for their needs.”
– Hailee

Testimonial Mishawaka – Jay

“I am the track photographer at South Bend Motor Speedway and work in promotions for them. Race fans are a loyal group, and I chose Afdent because of their support of local short track racing.”
– Jay

Testimonial Mishawaka – Lisa

“Everyone was super nice and friendly. But Jessie sticks out. She realized how nervous I was and tried very hard to make me as comfortable as possible.”
– Lisa

Testimonial Mishawaka – Karen

“Thank you for making the dentist visit a pleasant one. My hygienist has always been excellent and thorough!”
– Karen

Testimonial Mishawaka – Danett

“I love the employees, everyone that I have encountered is very sweet and very nice! They make the visit to the dentist more enjoyable!!”
– Danett

Testimonial Mishawaka – Leon

“Very impressed with my first visit. The entire staff I worked with was courteous, friendly, and professional.”
– Leon

Testimonial Mishawaka – Eric

“I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to the staff at Afdent for my new smile !!! They have helped me through the hole process of getting my new dentures and have taken great care of me. Can’t wait to finish up with my bottom plate later this year. I would and have recommended you guys to a lot of people I know !!! Thank you again”
– Eric

Testimonial Mishawaka – Trish

“I was a walk in and they completed all the work that I requested. Everyone was very hospitable, even gave me a blanket to keep me warm. Let’s face it, going to the dentist is never fun. Everything was explained well and completed as expected.”
– Trish

Testimonial Mishawaka – Beth

“I think this office is amazing! The staff and care are excellent, if I could give it 10 stars I would!”
– Beth

Testimonial Mishawaka – Theresa

“Had to have a tooth removed and a soft bone graft done, everyone made me feel so at ease during my first visit! Thank you everyone at Afdent!!!”
– Theresa

Testimonial Mishawaka – Ashley

“I am always a nervous wreck going into the dentist thanks to a terrible dentist in my childhood. I love everyone here! They are understanding, kind, and professional. They make you as comfortable as possible during any work that needs to be done, and they make sure to be thorough! I’m so glad I decided to come here for the extensive work I’ve needed to have done!”
– Ashley

Testimonial Mishawaka – Aimee

“I checked afdent out about 2 years ago, i checked several other places in Kalamazoo area where i live. None came close to the reviews, and personal reviews. I now drive 1 hour and half for a appointment, i love how friendly and patient everyone is! They are amazing! I have been to several other dentists throughout the years, and i wish i would have started with afdent! Thank you for the painless dentistry!”
– Aimee

Testimonial Mishawaka – Vickie

“I have had very horrible dental experiences in 45 yrs – this place worked with me, understood my nervousness and even solved a lifetime problem that had little to do with dentistry. They are in the process of giving me a smile that I have not had for my whole life. They are very kind and patient. I will be commenting as my work progresses and so far my experience has been fantastic! ( Reasonable prices also!)”
– Vickie

Testimonial Mishawaka – Chuck

“Great place! It had been years since I went to a dentist. I went there for a cleaning. they said I had some issues. They explained everything that should be done and options. They were very friendly and no pressure. Now I go back every 6 months for cleanings to stay on top of everything!! Thank you to your staff and doctors for everything. I would recommend them to anyone!”
– Chuck

Testimonial Mishawaka – Victoria

“I was born with cleft palate and have spent my life upset about my mouth. Last week I went in and thought my only option to ever be happy was dentures. I spent an hour talking to an amazing woman who helped me realize differently. I had a full mouth root cleaning, a removal, and 3 teeth bonded. The whole time the staff was so kind and thoughtful. For the first time ever I smiled today without covering my mouth. I’m beyond happy.”
– Victoria

Testimonial Mishawaka – Shara

“When I came in I expressed my fear of the dentist. So much so, that I had previously removed one of my teeth myself. The assistant that took care of me, she was AMAZING. She made sure I knew what was going on and was able to keep me as calm as possible. I thought I was going to be getting a tooth extracted and instead she assured me is be able to keep it. I had 2 teeth that needed root canals. Dr. Fletcher took great care of me. I’m going to start bringing my son for regular visits. Thank you so much for giving me a GREAT experience from the minute I walked in the door until I left!”
– Shara

Testimonial Mishawaka – Tara

“Absolutely loves this place, very friendly. I kept telling them that was sorry for taking up their time …. they said it’s all right. That’s what they are there for… Thanks so much for a perfect smile and a great atmosphere… and I can make payments unlike some places they want the money up front…. Thank you again (GOD BLESS)”
– Tara

Testimonial Mishawaka – Veronica

“The people were so amazingly great. Made me feel so comfortable.one of the best experience I have had at a dentist office. Definitely keep going back for further visits. The staff was just so friendly and great. I was very happy with my visit.”
– Veronica

Testimonial Mishawaka – Dawn

“Was willing to work with us in any way, got us right in and pulled my husbands tooth out within minutes. Will definitely recommend them to everyone and never go to another dentist again!!!!! Everyone was super nice and knew how frustrated we were with the other dentist. Great staff, couldn’t ask for a better experience!!!!!!”
– Dawn

Testimonial Mishawaka – Sass

“Today was my first visit to Afdent! Let me just say it was the best dental visit I have had in yrs. Everybody from the receptionist down to the hygienist and dentist were absolutely amazing. I can’t remember the hygienist name but she was amazing. I do remember the dentist which was Dr. Ferguson. She was amazing as well. Thank you afdent! I’m looking forward to my next visit! Oh and you’re in my insurance’s network! So that’s even better!!”
– Sass

Testimonial Mishawaka – Connie

“I used to be nervous going to the dentist … Not anymore! From the first visit the Afdent team has made and still makes me feel comfortable and welcomed … I would highly recommend Afdent!!!”
– Connie

Testimonial Mishawaka – Rachel

“I am absolutely terrified of dentists. I have been putting off going for 5 years now, but excruciating pain forced me to been seen today. Every single person was beyond nice and helpful. Everything was explained to me to help calm me down, and I couldn’t have asked for kinder staff. I can honestly say I am not afraid to go back.”
– Rachel

Testimonial Mishawaka – April

“Went in today and it was the best experience i have ever had at a Dentist office. I’ve had bad experience at other ones before and to be honest it scared me so bad to even visit another one but they made everything so much better. I called last week and got an appointment for today.”
– April

Testimonial Mishawaka – Ann

“Afdent got me in very quickly. They were very professional and did a great job of removal of my two teeth.”
– Ann

Testimonial Mishawaka – Devon

“My wife just got her second uppers. First ones lasted 13 years and now she got a bottom partial. She loves them and the staff treats you GREAT!”
– Devon

Testimonial Mishawaka – Keith

“The staff is friendliest people and the Dentist office is the best around they always go out of their way to take care of your concerns”
– Keith

Testimonial Mishawaka – Tiffany

“I love this place. I needed to get urgent dental work for my first time, and they were outstanding. Everyone person I encountered was friendly and helpful. Even as a walk in I did not wait long. They took care of everything. I highly recommend!”
– Tiffany

Testimonial Mishawaka – Crystal

“I have two kids that are scared to death of a dentist. When we came to Ardent everyone was so polite and made my kids feel so relaxed. Now my kids love going to the dentist. That makes me very happy.”
– Crystal

Testimonial Mishawaka – Donni

“Absolutely wonderful! They explained everything very well and made me feel very comfortable! Would recommend to everyone!”
– Donni

Testimonial Mishawaka – Lacey

“Such warm and inviting staff. I have major anxiety. I had to have a root canal done and I was panicking. The hygienist with me made me calm and even held my hand, and the dentist was patient with me. Thank you for such a great experience. I will make sure I tell people to come there!” – Lacey

Testimonial Mishawaka – Laurie

“Loved it. Always had a fear of dentists growing up and they took that away. Look forward to my appointments now!”
– Laurie

Testimonial Mishawaka – Marie

“A piece of my tooth came off yesterday, called Afdent and was given an appointment first thing this morning. Everyone was great! Very kind and explained everything as they went. I now have a temporary crown and will be going back in two weeks to get the permanent crown. I will be going back to Afdent on a regular basis for all of my dental needs.”
– Marie

Testimonial Mishawaka – Farrah

“Finally got my infected wisdom tooth out today! I have to say it was one of the best dentist experiences I’ve ever had, and I’ve had A LOT! Every employee there is SO nice and helpful. The lady was so gentle giving me all three novocaine shots, so they didn’t hurt at all. The doc came in once I was numb and literally had my tooth out in under 2 mins. He said everything went well and I didn’t need stitches! They made sure I was comfortable every step of the way and made sure they sent me home with the proper medicine to get through the healing process. As long as Afdent is around I’ll never go any place else. AMAZING place.”
– Farrah

Testimonial Mishawaka – Erin

“Very kind, very courteous staff. Introduced themselves well and explained what all they would be doing. They took care of my problem and got me out of pain. Very pleased!”
– Erin

Testimonial Mishawaka – Dawn

“Always been afraid of dentists due to a bad experience as a child. The dentist was great and I had no pain at all before, during or after the extraction. Thank you, afdent for a great experience.”
– Dawn

Testimonial Mishawaka – Laurie

“I always have a good experience when I go to Afdent the dental hygienists are very pleasant, receptive, and they also do a good job at cleaning. The dentists are very honest with you, and try to make things important and not so important as they can….for you and your budget.”
– Laurie

Testimonial Mishawaka – Chad

“I was completely amazed with this place and the staff. It had been a seriously long time since I saw a dentist. The staff was beyond pleasant and I did not feel like I was being judged. Thank you, Afdent Mishawaka!!!!!”
– Chad

Testimonial Mishawaka – Terri

“I’ve been going to Afdent for over 20 years and I’ve always been satisfied with their service! As a matter of fact, they’ve only continued to improve as the years have gone by! I definitely recommend them!”
– Terri

Testimonial Mishawaka – Robin

“I went in for an emergency appointment for a tooth sensitivity. I dreaded going because I’m scared to death of dentistry. I let them know how I felt and they were very careful and caring with me. Dr. Moore was very friendly and gentle knowing how I felt. My root canal went very well without any nitrous or conscious sedation.”
– Robin

Testimonial Mishawaka – Barbara

“Best dental I have EVER been a patient of! Every employee has been so helpful, caring and a joy to be around! Great job and the expert knowledge is amazing! Thank all of you for giving me my smile back!”
– Barbara

Testimonial Mishawaka – Chereese

“I walked in not knowing what to expect. Everyone was extremely pleasant & very helpful. There was young lady in particular that talked me through my fears and we even teared up together when I talked about an accident I had a few yrs back that has caused me to have problem after problem with my teeth. Thank you Afdent!!!”
– Chereese

Testimonial Mishawaka – Nina

“I got top and bottom dentures yesterday. Everyone was great! Made me very comfortable. I’ve always had a big fear of dentists. Somehow I didn’t have an anxiety attack having 14 teeth pulled! They must be awesome. Thank you Afdent. I can’t stop smiling!!!”
– Nina

Testimonial Mishawaka – Jessica

“Everyone there is so friendly and willing to answer any questions you may have. I love that Afdent provides payment plan options. Also who else does free cleanings? I love Afdent I will continue to come here for all my dental needs including my family as well.”
– Jessica

Testimonial Mishawaka – Crystal

“Loved how I was treated this was a very hard and life changing step for me to take and they made me feel comfortable every step of the way!!”
– Crystal

Testimonial Mishawaka – David

“Yesterday, Dr. Deidrich and his technician performed a rather radical root canal on me. They were pleasant, professional and FAST. I hadn’t gone in expecting the procedure and had a following appointment I had to keep – but they got the job done. Root canals are never pleasant, this is not my first, but in this entire experience I felt NO PAIN, and 24 hours later with NO post-procedure meds I have no discomfort! My mouth feels perfectly normal, as if I’d had nothing done at all! Thanks Afdent, for consistently assurring excellent, on time, professional services – and for maintaining a GREAT staff!”
– David

Testimonial Mishawaka – Dan

“Today I had three wisdom teeth pulled. The caring staff at Afdent made sure that I was comfortable and relaxed throughout my visit. Words cannot thoroughly express my gratitude towards the staff in Mishawaka. Thank you for all you do! I would recommend Afdent to everyone needing dental work.”
– Dan

Testimonial Mishawaka – Amanda

“They are so comforting and so nice. Everything is explained well. They go at your pace and your comfort level. Plus the emergency care staff is amazing.”
– Amanda

Testimonial Mishawaka – Tim

“Very satisfied with their services and professional job they do. Always get the laughing gas so time will go by quicker and I don’t feel much pain. Thank you.”
– Tim

Testimonial Mishawaka – Kathy

“Today I went to afdent emergency and the care I received was excellent. Everyone I encountered was kind and very understanding of the pain I was in and actually took the time to listen to what I wanted done in the long term. I have had bad teeth my whole life and always have a hard time with insurances helping with my dental care. ”
– Kathy

Testimonial Mishawaka – Catherine

“I had severe pain in my wisdom teeth all weekend, so I used Afdent’s emergency care first thing Monday morning. My wait wasn’t very long and as soon as I was called back they diagnosed really quickly. Dr. Diedrich was wonderful, he had to extract both lower wisdom teeth and he did so in less than 5 minutes! It was the shortest time I’ve ever been in a dental chair! It was quick and pain free and I’ve felt absolutely no discomfort or pain in my mouth since the extraction.”
– Catherine

At Afdent Dental, we are committed to delivering exceptional dental care services that not only address your oral health, but your overall well-being.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience Patient Friendly Dentistry firsthand.