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Are you looking for a dentist near you in Fort Wayne or the surrounding areas? Please, look no further than Afdent. We have been serving the dental needs of the entire Fort Wayne community for over 30 years with “Patient Friendly Dentistry.”

We are currently open and seeing patients. With the rise of the Covid-19 situation, the Afdent Team wants to assure you that we are taking extra precautions to provide a healthy and safe environment for our patients and staff. You can review the specific safety protocols on our Covid-19 update page. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and will provide regular updates.

We have increased our OSHA protocol for sanitizing equipment, door handles, countertops, exam chairs, lobbies, and bathrooms. And we are consistently reviewing proper hygiene protocols with our staff.

For the safety of yourself, the staff, and other patients, please consider rescheduling your appointment if you have experienced symptoms of illness such as a fever, cough, cold, or difficulty breathing; or may have been exposed to someone with the coronavirus.

What our patients are saying

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Tina

“This place is awesome. I have been a denture patient for years. I needed an emergency extraction and was in a great deal of pain so I called for an appointment. I couldn’t get one that day so I decided to try the walk-in emergency service. The people are great and your comfort is really their main concern. From the time I walked in the door until I walked out was an hour and a half. That’s without appointment two extractions, and I was pain free. I would highly recommend them. They offer financing and will even split the cost over 3 months without any interest.”
– Tina

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Jessie

“What a wonderful experience! From Vicki at the front door to Gena the New Patient Coordinator, our welcome was warm and kind. When we got back to see Karla, Dr. Holder, and Rhonda, we were confident that we’d chosen the right place to care for my brother’s dental needs. Happy to have met them and looking forward to the next appointment!”
– Jessie

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Gloria

“Being a denture wearer for over 30 years and having several sets of dentures, I HAVE TO SAY…. this is the best place I have ever been to. I eat, talk, look and sound like I have my own teeth. After a year, I am still amazed at the fit— eating is now amazing!!!”
– Gloria

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Ginny

“I have been using Afdent for 29 years – the staff is always super friendly, highly skilled and go out of their way to make every visit comfortable. Very highly recommended.”
– Ginny

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Geoff

“Afdent is awesome! All staff is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable! They have enough doctors that our is ready to get an appointment! Highly recommended!”
– Geoff

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Jackie

“Afdent has been an absolute lifesaver for me! I had not been to a dentist for nearly 10 years (embarrassingly). I chose to go to Afdent and for the first time I was not judged, lectured or made to feel bad. Every person I have dealt with at Afdent has been respectful, sweet and understanding. I have had to have quite a bit of work done due to my hiatus from going to the dentist. They have stuck to their word and I have promised I will continue to go! Everyone should check out Afdent in Fort Wayne!”
– Jackie

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Terry

“Awesome as always. Able to take care of everything in one appointment, instead of multiple appointments. Always friendly and informative.”
– Terry

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Melissa

“This is by far the best place for dentistry, they go over and beyond to help you and make you feel comfortable and to make this easy for you and that you look and feel great! Everyone there that works there are so nice and makes you feel like you are a person and not a number, and they prices are very good as well!! My whole family loves going there! Thank you afdent for all you have done for me and my family.”
– Melissa

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Deanna

“I had an emergency tooth repair and the staff was able to get me in right away! I was also pleased with the end results.”
– Deanna

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Susan

“This has been my “go to” dentist group for a few years. I come from the Baby Boom era of painful dentistry, so I was always scared to go. EVERYONE at Afdent is kind, friendly and professional. They take the time you need to explain options. Sarah has done my teeth cleaning regularly. I feel like family, following her through her dentist mission work to now her upcoming marriage. I hope to be with her as she continues to share her joyful life. They also have a 0% payment plan. My teeth have never been better and I love my smile. I’ve learned how important flossing is and do it daily. Trying to stay away from gum disease. Highly recommend, especially if you are scared to go to a dentist. They are gentle.”
– Susan

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Dennis

“I went in for a cleaning and checkup and all went well. I have never had a bad experience with Afdent Dental Services.”
– Dennis

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Sandy

“Received my “implant retained bridge” July 13 2017 and I’m still amazed at my awesome new smile!! Even more than the great smile is the fact that I no longer dread to sit down to eat a meal!! Unbelievable how comfortable it is after having an upper denture for 4 years. The whole thing was a process but the end result was even more than I had hoped for! I would like to personally thank Dr David Taler & the staff, Lisa, Kelly and Chris in the lab for all your efforts to assure quality, for your kindness & support through this journey. What a great team! Thanks again!”
– Sandy

Testimonial Fort Wayne – David

“I’ve been going to this location on Parnell for 4 years now. Ever since my first visit, the doctors and staff have always included me into their discussions on processes, options, etc…. and outcomes of each. Being included is a great feeling. Since then, I have had a lot of work done and my smile, I love to smile, reflects their work. Great advertisement for them! The staff have always been friendly, sociable, and thorough. You are never left alone in a room due to their great messaging system and because of that, you’re not in the chair for hours. Some may not like that there isn’t just 1 doctor you see each time, but I find it refreshing. With insurance companies, they work well with them. Before they do X-rays, crowns, implants, etc…, they make sure it’s covered. Now that all my work has been completed, I go in for cleanings 3-4 times a year. Each hygienist has always been friendly and sociable. They have pictures of their family in the rooms which always sparks conversation. Family, vacations, what we all do in our free time… next thing you know, you’re done and on your way home. If you haven’t tried Afdent yet, give them a try. You will be pleased and then, years from now, you’ll be writing a review like I’m doing now. =)”
– David

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Mike

“We were met at the front door with a very thoughtful hello and were assisted in registering. My wife has Alzheimer’s and is somewhat difficult to handle. The entire appointment went extremely well start to finish, thank you for being so thoughtful, we will be back thank you.”
– Mike

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Karen

“It was very pleasant and comfortable. They made the adjustments I needed and in less than 30 minutes. Also clean everything and it fits so much better. If anyone needs implants instead of regular dentures, this is the place to have them done. Could not take the junk to keep them in and the implants are so very comfortable and have stayed in place like regular teeth. Financing was really great and they accept insurance also. Everyone is very knowledgeable and professional and care how everything is fitting.”
– Karen

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Jane

“The fear and dread of dentist visits are NOT a part of my Afdent experience! I actually enjoy my cleaning appointments. My hygienist, Sarah, is an excellent hygienist and she ensures my comfort and provides me with thorough and pain-free cleanings. Her sparkling personality and her encouragement and welcome advice are thoroughly appreciated and I always leave with a clean-toothed, happy smile on my face. I love my Afdent experience!”
– Jane

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Mohammed

“My first time going to a dental and honestly, I have good experience.”
– Mohammed

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Marc

“Staff is friendly and does amazing work. Had the wisdom teeth taken out not one ounce of pain.”
– Marc

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Brittney

“Both visits were very pleasant. They ensure you are comfortable and they explain everything thoroughly in understandable terms. Finance also ensures that you understand the billing, and they provide several different options for payments. Both my son and husband had EXTREME anxiety about dental appointments, yet they both praise Afdent and the staff that work there and are no longer afraid to go to the dentist. …we had Dr. Miller each time, and he is an absolute angel. He treated our family with much respect and was always pleasant.”
– Brittney

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Gary

“I had an absolutely awesome experience here. The people were extremely nice to me. The dr was upfront with me and told each option I had, what it would be like, what the aftermath was, how it would feel, etc. amazing place.”
– Gary

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Deirdre

“Did amazing work when my husband had to have a tooth fixed.” – Deirdre

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Kevin

“I have been an Afdent patient for 28 years now and very proudly recommend Afdent to anyone! Dr Allen is an awesome friend and dentist. I had Carla Hey do my first cleaning 28 years ago. She represents the way you treat people like you expect to be treated. Very professional! They make you feel relaxed and do an awesome job. If you have financial trouble, they will work with you so a payment plan can be worked out. Wouldn’t think of going anywhere else!”
– Kevin

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Holly

“Absolutely love it!! Barb is amazing! I know I’m in good hands when I’m there. I drive 45 mins when I have appointments and it is so worth it! Thanks everyone at Fort Wayne Afdent!”
– Holly

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Diane

“I was very pleased with my appointment. My technician explained everything step by step and she was very gentle and understanding.”
– Diane

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Ashley

“I have never been to a dentist that everyone was so kind and knowledgeable. Every single employee I encountered was helpful and did everything they possibly could to make me comfortable. I am so happy I chose Afdent.”
– Ashley

Testimonial Fort Wayne – MaryClare

“I love Afdent – everyone is nice, not pushy, quick and convenient.”
– MaryClare

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Grover

“In for cleaning and was pleased all went well nice work.”
– Grover

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Richard

“Really great place. The most friendly staff that loves to work and listen to you. And will help you out if your credits bad. I have been going there for a while now and won’t go anywhere else.”
– Richard

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Robbie

“Thanks to Afdent, I have been more than happy to recommit to dental care. I have had more than my share of difficult and money-focused dentists. The last couple experiences discouraged me from trying again for several years even though I have good dental insurance. Afdent doesn’t charge more than what is reasonable and the gentle, personable care is perfect! Any time I have a concern everybody there is attentive to every detail and doesn’t do anything without my approval first. My rating continues to be 5 stars even after getting several things done that I knew were needed for years. No pushing, no gouging, excellent service; who could ask for more? I recommend Afdent to all my family and friends!”
– Robbie

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Dawn

“Really GOOD Doctor! I was so SCARED and I didn’t feel a thing getting 2 teeth pulled!”
– Dawn

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Austin

“I’ve been going here for a few years now. I have not had a bad experience yet. I’ve had quite of bit of work done. I will continue to have work done there.”
– Austin

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Lisa

“They did an excellent job and the follow up has been amazing. I recommend them to all my friends. They have the best doctors and tech’s in the area. Can’t be beat.”
– Lisa

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Kelli

“I’ve been there for 2 root canals and both experiences have been wonderful. The staff was great and everyone was informative. I was given prices up front and told what was happening every step of the way. I am now going to enroll my family in the free cleaning program because I think it’s a great program that I don’t want to miss out on!”
– Kelli

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Cortney

“Great place. Worked me in due to a toothache. Great customer service, and the dentist did an excellent job. Assistants were cheerful and friendly and helped ease the nervousness that comes to some when visiting for dental work. Have been here in the past and will surely return in the future.”
– Cortney

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Crystarion

“They were very good about going over what my insurance would cover and what my out of pocket expense would be. Worked hard to schedule me in at the end of last year so as to maximize my yearly dental benefits with the work I needed done. Dental work itself was done very well, people there were helpful, courteous and conscientious about everything. Very glad I went there.”
– Crystarion

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Ryan

“They were freaking awesome; the staff was super nice and the dr. Was the best I’ve been to.”
– Ryan

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Garrett

“I’m impressed by the quality of service that I receive at Afdent. The staff is very professional and friendly and always ready to answer any questions that I might have. I appreciate the attention to detail and the passion that the staff has for what they do.”
– Garrett

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Emily

“I recently had my teeth cleaned by Ashley Braun, a hygienist at Afdent, and I won’t go back to anyone else. She is amazing! Would definitely recommend her to anyone. She is extremely friendly, professional and did an excellent job!”
– Emily

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Justin

“I have this fear of Dentists that I’m sure a lot of people have. I had to have two teeth removed, and the whole experience was as pleasant as could be. The Dentists and Assistance were all very professional, nice, and gentle.”
– Justin

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Rebecca

“Very caring and helpful this is the only place I will go for my Dental work, everyone here is wonderful, just a great place all around!!!! :)”
– Rebecca

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Karla

“My teeth cleaning experience was very good. I appreciate the concern for a patient. – Allen
I am terrified of dentist visits but since going to Afdent they’ve worked patiently with my anxiety. I’m not nearly as terrified as I used to be. I have a lot of work that needs to be done on my teeth. Their payment plans make this possible for me.”
– Karla

Testimonial Fort Wayne – John

“I’ve always hated the dentist’s office but it was a great surprise how Afdent is operated, seems everyone is genuinely happy to help you. Thanks so much for caring so much.”
– John

Testimonial Fort Wayne – April

“They truly understand people who fear going to the dentist.”
– April

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Chuck

“After chipping a tooth, I went to AFDENT and Dr. Lindstromberg (my regular dentist) quickly fixed me up with a temporary crown. It was painless and easy, much easier than I expected since this is my first crown. Thanks to AFDENT and Dr. Lindstromberg for exceeding my expectations!”
– Chuck

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Joe

“Had a broken tooth called was able to come in as a walk in. They gave prices up front and told you if and what your insurance will cover. Mandie was very helpful to answer all my questions.”
– Joe

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Glynna

“I called was given an appointment for a day later, phone operator was very kind and helpful. I went in there today with a broken tooth, they told me what they could do for me, the price up front. I went there because I know Dr Gabet, I was able to see Dr. Gabet and as always, he was great but not only was he great his office staff from the front desk all of the way up was very helpful, explained in detail what needed to be done and what the price would be. I will be going back in a week or so to have my work completed and I will be recommending Afdent to all of my relatives and friends. Thanks Dr. Gabet and staff!”
– Glynna

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Susan

“They were quick and was very polite I would recommend them to anyone.”
– Susan

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Martin

“I’ve had no better service from the initial call to the final bill.”
– Martin

Testimonial Fort Wayne – NK

“Great place, great service, recommended.”
– NK

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Carla

“Super friendly staff! They always take the time to answer my questions in an easy to understand way. I love how they explain the pros and cons of long term solutions with absolutely no pressure. Their emergency care is top notch and I’m a big fan of the payment options.”
– Carla

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Tahisha

“I really like going to Afdent (especially after coming from my long-time family dentist who really has terrible bedside manners) because I was able to be seen emergently, with the problems being fixed immediately! I was able to be seen by Dr. Allen because I had a trigeminal nerve reaction after a root canal, who explained to me what this was all about in follow up! He assured me and he was very knowledgeable about dentistry!! I appreciated that!!!! They are a little pricey, but they will work with you!!! I appreciate it all!!”
– Tahisha

Testimonial Fort Wayne – JE

“I’ve came here for three years now, receiving services of X-Rays, cleanings, wisdom teeth removed, cavities filled, and a crown. I have had a couple issues, needing to go back in to get them fixed, and one smaller issue with billing. But, everyone for the most part have very positive, smiling attitudes here, and want to make sure I’m happy. They have no problems answering my questions or concerns. Specifically, Dr. Holder has a great personality and is an awesome dentist. Overall, I recommend Afdent, and will continue to go here.”
– JE

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Summer

“The staff is very friendly, and great with kids. My kids love coming here for their cleanings. My son doesn’t care for the expanders but that’s to be expected. They provide great service and offer payment plans for things which is really nice too.”
– Summer

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Mark

“A bit late getting started, but otherwise quick and easy. Very light touch.”
– Mark

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Rex

“A pretty good dentist they have 0% financing and free cleanings if you keep up your visits.”
– Rex

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Jerry

“Afdent is the place to go for your dental needs. They have the greatest service and staff. They are on Parnell Avenue. If you are not on Parnell and at Afdent Dental, you are in the wrong place.”
– Jerry

Testimonial Fort Wayne – Kristina

“No issues and they are very willing to work with you payment wise.”
– Kristina

Testimonial FW – Lorenzo

Staff is competent friendly knowledgeable and expedient. They kept my appointment on time and finished my procedure in a timely manner. They are meticulous about cleanliness and work hard to accommodate my schedule. I would recommend AFDENT to anyone interested in dental care. I and my family have been patients for over 30 years.

– Lorenzo

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