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Cast Partial Dentures

An extremely durable partial denture solution.

Cast Partial Dentures

Unlike flexible partial dentures, which are made of bendable materials such as nylon, cast partial dentures use a metal framework. Cast partial dentures are a lot more durable and retentive compared to flexible partial dentures.

Afdent Cast Partial dentures are a great solution for extra strength and durability when there are healthy teeth remaining in the mouth. The healthy teeth act as a support, and the metal frame and clasp secure to them for maximum stability.

Our Cast Partial Dentures Feature:

  • Handcrafted partial denture
  • Custom designed using an impression of your mouth
  • Great solution when supported by strong, healthy teeth
  • Natural looking teeth and gums
  • Metal frame and custom clasp secures to your teeth for maximum stability
  • Teeth available in over 30 shapes and shades
  • Made at the Afdent lab in Mishawaka

Afdent Denture Package:

  • 7-Year Warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Free repairs for 1 year
  • Free denture adjustments for life
  • No appointment needed follow-up care
  • Same day repairs and relines
  • 0% APR available

Afdent Advantage Payment plans for all credit histories (terms and conditions may apply). Get in touch with us to learn more about our financing options.

If you’re planning to have your missing teeth replaced, and you are considering getting a cast metal partial denture, don’t hesitate to visit Afdent Patient Friendly Dentistry. We have reputable dental professionals who can help you make informed decisions about the most suitable type of denture for you. Talk to us to learn more about cast metal partial dentures cost in Mishawaka and Fort Wayne, IN.

Apart from dentures, Afdent Patient Friendly Dentistry also offers other top-of-the-line dental services such as teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, wisdom tooth removal, and more. We have dental clinics located in Mishawaka and Fort Wayne, IN. So what are you waiting for? Set your appointment today.

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