Afdent Orthodontics

Afdent offers multiple options
for children, teens and adults.

Afdent Orthodontics and Braces

Afdent offers multiple options for children, teens, and adults.

Afdent Braces – The Easy Way To Smile

Have you ever considered braces or other orthodontic treatment to give you your very best smile? Did you complete orthodontic treatment, but your teeth have since shifted out of place? Are you looking for relatively unnoticeable options like Clear Braces or Invisalign?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to visit Afdent for your No-Obligation Consultation and Orthodontic Evaluation.

We Offer The Very Best Options

At Afdent, we offer the very best options for giving you the smile you want. This includes Traditional Metal Braces, Clear Braces, and Invisalign.

What Does Treatment Cost?

We want the very best dental treatment to be available to as many people as possible. That is what Patient Friendly Dentistry® is all about. We do everything we can to help you afford the orthodontic treatment you want.

If you have dental insurance, often times some of your insurance can be applied to your orthodontic treatment. Our dedicated insurance specialists are happy to help you learn more about how your benefits can be applied today.

Also, whether you have dental insurance or not, we offer low monthly payment options to help the Afdent braces South Bend trusts or Invisalign fit your budget.

Faster progress. Fewer appointments. Straighter Teeth.

Take the next step and schedule your no-obligation consultation to find out which Afdent Orthodontic treatment is right for you. Call today.

Ready for your Afdent Smile?

Click here to schedule a no cost, no obligation consultation.

Afdent has been northern Indiana's most referred dentist for over 40 years!

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