Traditional Braces

We offer metal braces with fast results for children, teens, and adults. Visit today!

Modern Bracket System

The orthodontic team at Afdent is committed to giving you the smile you deserve. They have over 80 years of combined experience and are here to provide excellent patient friendly orthodontics! We use a modern bracketing system that is low profile and more comfortable than other bracket systems. The average time between visits is usually 6-8 weeks. We also offer early morning and later afternoon appointments for your convenience.

Afdent Traditional Braces Feature

  • Traditional metal braces
  • Designed to be gentle on teeth and gums
  • Popular for children, teens, and adults

Afdent Traditional Braces Package

  • 0% APR Available For Those Who Qualify
  • Payments as low as $85/month
  • 1st retainer is free

Ready for your Afdent Smile?

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Afdent has been northern Indiana's most referred dentist for over 40 years!

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