Free Cleanings

Start today to receive Free Dental Cleanings For Life.

Free Dental Cleanings, Only At Afdent

Just one more reason why we are Michiana’s most referred dental provider is our commitment to making dentistry easy for today’s busy families. Providing Free Cleanings For Life is just one of our great special offers.

Patient Friendly Promise

We reward everyone making a commitment to their good oral health, and we do this with the Afdent Patient Friendly Promise.

This special program provides Free Dental Cleanings For Life for anyone enrolled, and also guarantees certain dental work like fillings.

Save Over $3000
The Free Cleanings program delivers free cleanings for everyone enrolled. There are no additional fees. All you need to do is sign-up and visit Afdent. You pay for your appointment, and every six months you get a free dental cleaning. At a savings of $98 per cleaning, the average family of four can save $3,000 over five years. Now that’s Patient Friendly Dentistry!

Save Your Insurance Benefits

Also, if you have dental insurance, it will not be billed. This way you can keep your dental insurance benefits to cover other dental treatment if needed.

Ready for your Afdent Smile?

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