“I’ve been going to this location on Parnell for 4 years now. Ever since my first visit, the doctors and staff have always included me into their discussions on processes, options, etc…. and outcomes of each. Being included is a great feeling. Since then, I have had a lot of work done and my smile, I love to smile, reflects their work. Great advertisement for them! The staff have always been friendly, sociable, and thorough. You are never left alone in a room due to their great messaging system and because of that, you’re not in the chair for hours. Some may not like that there isn’t just 1 doctor you see each time, but I find it refreshing. With insurance companies, they work well with them. Before they do X-rays, crowns, implants, etc…, they make sure it’s covered. Now that all my work has been completed, I go in for cleanings 3-4 times a year. Each hygienist has always been friendly and sociable. They have pictures of their family in the rooms which always sparks conversation. Family, vacations, what we all do in our free time… next thing you know, you’re done and on your way home. If you haven’t tried Afdent yet, give them a try. You will be pleased and then, years from now, you’ll be writing a review like I’m doing now. =)”
– David