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Patient Friendly Dentistry

It’s more than a philosophy.
It’s our way of serving you.

What is Patient Friendly Dentistry? We’re glad you asked! Patient Friendly Dentistry is more than a philosophy. It’s our way of serving you. Patient Friendly Dentistry is putting you – the patient – first at all times. It’s giving you every convenience imaginable from weekend hours and free consultations, to providing all services in one location, and monthly payment plans that work for just about everyone. And doing it all with a smile on our face and a genuine concern for your satisfaction and well-being.

We understand it’s not easy making the decision to visit the dentist, so we’ve created an experience that is better than any dental experience you’ve ever had. Our facility is a stand-alone state-of-the-art dental center. Our doctors are handpicked from all over the country. Our Customer Care Specialists are trained to serve you even during extended hours. We have an entire department specifically dedicated to treating toothaches, a separate department for denture services, and still others for hygiene and operative care. All of this to ensure service and treatment of the highest quality, your total comfort, and your ultimate happiness. The list goes on!

Patient Friendly Dentistry isn’t just one thing. It’s everything. Patient Friendly Dentistry is Afdent.

Afdent Fort Wayne Founder

Dr. David Allen

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