Many people wonder if their dental pain is severe enough to warrant an emergency trip to their dentist. Toothaches come in all shapes, sizes, and degrees of pain, so knowing what’s an emergency and what’s not can help you save money in the long run. Whether you were playing soccer out in the yard or you have an untreated dental issue, it’s important that you take your dental problems seriously.

Letting your dental problems wait for another day can sometimes lead to a bigger dental emergency later on and can have a major impact on your health. The sooner you address these issues the better. So how can you tell if your aches and pains are normal, or a real toothache you should be concerned about? Here are three signs you may need an emergency tooth extraction.

  1. You have persistent, intense tooth pain. Any kind of pain you have is a signal from your brain telling you that something is wrong. If you’ve ever suffered from a toothache, you know that intense tooth pain can be awful to experience. If your dental pain doesn’t go away with at-home care such as over-the-counter pain relievers or ice, contact Afdent immediately. No appointment is necessary and we can see you the same day.
  2. You have painful swelling that doesn’t get better. If your tooth has swelling around it or along the jaw, it could be a sign of an infected tooth or gum infection such as an abscess. An abscess forms because of a bacterial infection in the mouth. Unfortunately, an abscess won’t go away on its own. It’s important to contact Afdent for emergency dental treatment if you experience swelling, to prevent the infection from spreading to other parts of the body. If the tooth is infected, it may need to be extracted.
  3. Your tooth has severe damage. Some patients may experience small tooth chips or cracks, which can be repaired during a regular dental visit. But if you’ve suffered severe damage such as a large break or fracture and you feel significant pain because of it, you may need an emergency tooth extraction. A severe break can cause damage to the outside of the tooth and the inner tissue.

If you are having any of these symptoms or have severely damaged a tooth, you may need emergency oral surgery for a tooth extraction. Afdent is the place for you. We offer same-day emergency treatment during normal business hours. For more information about teeth extractions, oral surgery, or other dental services like braces, contact Afdent Dentistry today.

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