The holiday season brings families together, creating a warm, happy feeling and giving us many reasons to smile. Among these wonderful family traditions, many involve an array of tasty holiday foods. However, some foods and drinks at the table can lead to dental problems.

Don’t ruin your holiday smile this season. Follow these guidelines so you can truly enjoy this time safely spent with family and friends.

Eat Away Your Enamel
Gingerbread, pecan pie, and caramels are some of the most popular treats among the list of Christmas delights. These mouthwatering confectioneries can really satisfy one’s craving for sweets. However, because they are full of sugars, these types of treats feed the bad bacteria in one’s mouth.

After feeding, these bacteria release acids that eat away at the enamel, the thin outer covering of the tooth that serves as a protective barrier from decay and other infections. A good rule of thumb is to avoid the gooey candies. The stickier the treat, the more damaging it can be to your enamel.

We suggest rinsing your mouth with water and brushing your teeth after enjoying some sweet treats. This will help wash away the sugars and keep the bacteria from feeding.

Crack, Chip, or Break a Tooth
Hard holiday candies, such as candy canes, peanut brittle, and peppermint bark, can create another problem for your dental health. While these traditional sweets are highly tempting to take a big bite, doing so can crack, chip, or break one’s precious pearly whites.

At Afdent, we recommend staying away from the harder holiday treats, but if you just can’t help yourself here are some helpful tips. Instead of taking bites out of these hard candies, simply snap them apart using your hands. A bite-sized portion is easier to chew and less likely to chip a tooth.

You can also soften the treat by leaving small pieces in your mouth and sucking on them instead of chewing right away. Your saliva will soften the candy making it safer for your teeth.

Visit Afdent Patient Friendly Dentistry
Don’t forget to watch out for your oral health, even while celebrating the Yuletide season. Make sure to brush and floss your teeth after every meal to reduce the risk of dental problems. And of course, don’t miss out on your regular dental checkup at Afdent Patient Friendly Dentistry. Give us a call today to set up an appointment.

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