What brought me to Afdent was the fact that I had lost a considerable amount of teeth and it was time. I had sold my car because I bought another one and I took that money and I put it in the bank strictly to have my teeth done.

Prior to that, I had called and made an appointment and came in for an assessment. I was made to feel very comfortable. I’d had oral surgery at about 16 and had impacted wisdom teeth. I was awake for the whole thing. I could feel the grinding, the crushing, the whole nine yards. Ever since then, I had no interest in dentists. So to come in, speak with someone, and feel comfortable; it wasn’t something I expected. It was very unexpected and that was the start.

They extracted the rest of the teeth, top and bottom, and then fitted me for dentures. That was almost a year ago, well it’s been over a year ago, early September of last year. Every visit I made one request and my request was granted which made it much easier moving forward for each step, each soft plate.

My request had been that I see only one tech and they granted it. Erica is just an amazing young woman. She has a way of listening. She has a way of explaining and she had no problem with meeting that request.

I’ve been satisfied since the last soft lining. When I came in prior to coming in for the last soft lining, I bought three tubes of glue. I haven’t had to use any since the second soft lining. So yeah, fabulous. When I walked in, I knew exactly where there was a soft spot. She listened, so we worked on that. We got it and now this is my permanent.

So I’m looking forward to this next run just to see how well they do. But with all the adjustments and everything, I have a lot of confidence that glue is not going to be an option. I won’t need to use it.

You need to be straight up and communicate. How is anybody going to know if you don’t? And Erica, by starting off and asking questions, made me feel comfortable. It wasn’t a problem to go. I noticed this and boom, it was fixed you know, problem solved. So that’s pretty amazing in my eyes.

My experience here has been absolutely awesome from the first visit to the last. I had spoken to Erica after the second soft lining. She had mentioned that I could give a testimonial on the last day if I still felt the same way and I do. I would highly recommend Afdent. I also spoke to another young lady while I was at Elkhart General who made the same statement. She was made to feel comfortable and everything went as planned. She’s not having any problems or issues and she said the same thing that she would recommend Afdent. So that says a lot when you’re conversing with people in the outside world and they’ve experienced the same quality service and care that I received.

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